Evernote Updated for Ice Cream Sandwich

Evernote Updated for Ice Cream Sandwich

May 18, 2012

Evernote, the app for taking all kinds of notes and syncing them to the cloud, has gotten a massive update for Ice Cream Sandwich.

The app now adheres to ICS design standards. There’s a new action bar using the software ellipses for more actions, along with a dynamic list of commands that is used throughout the app, with the command list disappearing when viewing a note. Swiping gestures have also been implemented throughout the app, to make it easier to switch between adding new notes and viewing the note list. The app has also been visually redesigned to be a better fit with ICS.

Now, many apps that are cross-platform don’t receive the kind of attention to their Android apps as they do their iOS apps – Evernote is the definite exception. Evernote are all about working on many platforms, and the update to their Android app shows that this is important to them. The free update is available now.

Carter Dotson
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