Everyplay Now Shares Video Replays from Android Games

Everyplay Now Shares Video Replays from Android Games

Feb 12, 2014

Everyplay has announced that their service for sharing videos recorded from games is now live on Android. Available in selected titles, and only devices running Android 4.1 or later, players can share replays of their most exciting game moments to the world. The first titles to utilize Everyplay on Android include Dead Trigger 2, with more titles to start rolling out with Android support now widely available.

Carter Dotson
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  • EvanTheGamer

    I know I’m WAY late to the Everyplay party, but just wanted to comment on one thing.

    Dead Trigger 2 on Android(ver. 0.05.0) does not have Everyplay functionality yet, at least not when using a Galaxy Note 3.

    Question: Not sure if you know or if you’re even going to respond given that your post dates back to February, over three months ago, but does Everyplay for Android ONLY work on certain devices? I mean…I’d think that the Galaxy Note 3 would absolutely be able to use Everyplay’s recording feature due to it’s still powerful hardware.

    Anyways, just asking. I’ve been trying to find other games(BESIDES just Godzilla: Strike Zone) that will allow me to record gameplay footage.