Experience a console-quality fantasy MMORPG with AIIA: Dragon Ark

Experience a console-quality fantasy MMORPG with AIIA: Dragon Ark

May 2, 2018

Wizards and warriors aren’t normally a unique sight when browsing the Google Play store, but the ones you’ll find in AIIA: Dragon Ark take it to the next level thanks to the power of Unreal Engine 4. Providing full 3D visuals comparable to console games, CLGameZ’ fantasy MMORPG combines high action with stunning graphics.

Setting you on the path of the mythical Exlion Knights, as your own created character AIIA: Dragon Ark will see you work your way through various dungeons in seek of threatening boss enemies. Sad bosses each require their own strategy of attack on the player’s part, partially helped by the game’s pet assist system known as ‘Arma’.

When not experiencing the story, AIIA: Dragon Ark provides plenty of means for players to hone their skills to become a better hero. The first is a dedicated PVP battle mode which sees you duke it out with others, while a 100 floor challenge tower is the best way to gain special rewards not available anywhere else.

All of AIIA: Dragon Ark is successfully bright to life using Unreal Engine 4. The hitting effects are responsive, graphics impressively-rendered, all helping to better immerse you while traversing this vast, war-torn world. Have you got the skills and brawn needed to save it?


Experience a fantasy story unlike any other. AIIA: Dragon Ark is free to download on Android devices today.

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