Facebook Home Officially Releases for Supported Devices

Facebook Home Officially Releases for Supported Devices

Apr 12, 2013

Facebook has officially launched its Android homescreen experience, Home, to Google Play today for selected devices. These include not just the HTC First, the phone that features Home prominently, but apparently is just on top of a stock Android experience. Other phones include the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II, with the Galaxy S IV coming soon as the phone rolls out worldwide. The HTC One X and X+ also have official support for Home, with the base One model getting it in the near future. As well, this is all US-only at the moment.

However, the APK is certainly available through third-party sources for those looking to get their hands on it, though it will not work on unsupported devices, but non-US owners of a supported device can certainly exploit this. But trying to install on a Nexus 7 will cause this screen to appear:


Note that while Home doesn’t require any permissions, many new permissions have been added to the base Facebook app (which needs to be installed for Home to work) to power its functions. Still curious about Facebook Home? Read Jeff Scott’s lengthy impressions from the official launch event.

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