Falcon Pro is All But Dead.

Falcon Pro is All But Dead.

Jun 19, 2013

It looks like this might be the end of the line for one of the most popular third-party Android Twitter apps going, Falcon Pro after they tried to push out a new version with a new set of API keys. Twitter appears to have shut down this version of the app, and the developer has restored the working version to Google Play so that users could re-download it.

Thus, with the app’s user limit reached (again), the app’s future development is theoretically dead. There’s no profit to be had in further development, and no additional users will be coming in.

Such is how the Twitter API policies have had a disastrous effect on Android: the lack of a high-quality third-party app option, at least one with the popularity of an app like Tweetbot on iOS such that it seemingly had a lot of additional user tokens, is felt now more so than ever. Twitter makes incremental improvements to their official app, but it’s still a generally-lacking experience. As such, Android users are left to suffer: any sufficiently-good option won’t last, and developers have no incentive to build good apps because it’s possible to succeed too well with them – that, or they’ll have to price them at relatively-high prices, like with Tweetbot for Mac.

It’s a shame.

Carter Dotson
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  • Right, that’s a real shame.

    A similar choice to become a kind of boomerang for Twitter in a short time.