Flipboard Flips on to Android

Flipboard Flips on to Android

Jun 22, 2012

The app that reinvents RSS readers in a visual style is now available for public consumption. Flipboard is now available for Android, after a lengthy original stay on iOS. This app lets users create boards from 18 categories, in order to keep track of the most interesting content from across the internet. As well, users can add their Facebook and Twitter accounts to see tweets, statuses, and shared content from those in their timelines in their flipboard along with posts from various sources. Posts can be favorited, liked, and shared with other people, including “read later” services like Pocket. It’s a unique way to keep up with important news from those on social networks.

The Android launch brings support for Google+, making it possible to +1 and share posts directly from the app. However, getting to view Google+ posts in the app like Twitter and Facebook posts does not appear to be in the app – or Google+ does not support this kind of interaction yet. The app uses a vertical flipping interface to switch posts, kind of like flipping pages on a notepad. The app is designed with a custom design, where even elements like the standard Android sharing menu are customized to fit with Flipboard‘s visual style, which is Ice Cream Sandwich friendly.

The humor here is that Flipboard is released to the Android public at large right as the Galaxy S III launches in the US. Seriously, the phone pretty much launched on the 20th, with some carriers delaying the launch. So, for those excited to use Flipboard on their new phone, no opportunity to be smug! Flipboard is available for free from Google Play, Amazon Appstore, and the Nook Store, so there’s no reason for anyone who wants to use Flipboard to not check it out. It still comes preinstalled on the Galaxy S III.

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