Freaky Friday – Burn Phone Prank

Freaky Friday – Burn Phone Prank

Sep 30, 2011

We all love a good prank from time to time, like filling a co-worker’s cubicle up with packing peanuts, or the ever-popular electrical tape over the mouse sensor. Those are good pranks, but what Burn Phone Prank does is just…full-on weak sauce. See, what this app tries to do is fool people into thinking their screens are burned, and that is it.

Let’s digest this for just a second. First, someone has to steal their victim’s phone, which in this day is harder than it seems as we all are glued to these devices. Next, the app has to be downloaded, installed, and setup. Depending on the conditions, this step could take a few minutes and anything from a phone call to the weather app could go off, thus foiling those plans of pranking. Then, the act of “burning” the screen has to take place, and finally the owner has to believe their screen caught fire without magically melting the screen. Somehow, this entire process just doesn’t seem to be fully doable in a quick amount of time.

Things only get worse as this app has ads on it. How can anyone be fooled of a messed up screen with an ad for Depends scrolling across the bottom, all because the prankster forgot to disable the feature in the menu? Finally, just look at the screenshots and think if they really look convincing. It looks more like someone sneezed on the phone versus it being charred. It would be better to break some glass, place it over a circuit board, take a picture, and then set that as the wallpaper, and even that is sketchy on its effectiveness. Phone pranks that use anything on the screen just do not work.

Listen up would-be pranksters with coding skills. Put those talents to use and code an app that allows us to do wonderful things like control a computer screen from across the room, set off the alarm clock every ten minutes without it showing up, or just randomly dimming the screen on the phone would be more entertaining. And for the love of all things Revenge of the Nerds, do not put ads into an app that is supposed to fool someone, that just looks tacky and destroys the goal. Just don’t do it!

Chris Nitz
Chris has been playing games since the day he got his hands on an Atari 2600. Chris enjoys long walks on the DOA beach, candle lit dinners with Raziel, and flower power from Super Mario World. Chris now spends most of his time on the PC, PS3, DS/PSP, Droid, iPhone, and iPad.
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