Freaky Friday – FaceStalker

Freaky Friday – FaceStalker

Oct 21, 2011

I think we can all agree that Facebook is one of the most popular social media hangout spots online. After all, people can reconnect with old high school mates they don’t even vaguely remember, complain about politics with thousands of “friends”, play kick butt farming games, and post mundane photos from the kegger last week. So what happens when someone wants to save those blurry, poorly composed, terrible shots from said party as a memento to all the drunken shenanigans? This is easily solved with the creeptastic app by the name of FaceStalker.

As if the title of FaceStalker is not enough to ward off law-abiding citizens, what the app does is truly unnerving. This app, when left running, will go through all the user’s Facebook friends pages and download every last image these people post. If a friend happens to delete some embarrassing shot of her hovering over the porcelain god while someone else holds her hair back, that image is not lost forever as it is now stored on the phone thanks to this app. Nothing could be more awesome than saving those embarrassing moments for blackmailing at a later time, right?!?

While it maybe cool for an app to download and save every photo a user posts to their wall, it is not so cool when that same app downloads every image from every friend. Heck, the description of this app even claims that it “Allowing you to stalk their photos any time you like.” This app will not make anyone the life of the party, and in fact it may scare away friends. Those people who wish to take on the life of a hermit and not have any friends at all, download this app now. Those that wish to not come across as the creepy dude who sits in the corner eyeballing passersby, skip this app.

Chris Nitz
Chris has been playing games since the day he got his hands on an Atari 2600. Chris enjoys long walks on the DOA beach, candle lit dinners with Raziel, and flower power from Super Mario World. Chris now spends most of his time on the PC, PS3, DS/PSP, Droid, iPhone, and iPad.
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