Freaky Friday – Marijuana Harvest Free

Freaky Friday – Marijuana Harvest Free

Oct 14, 2011

There are apps on the market that just make one ask why. These are those apps that mysteriously show up on the marketplace late at night, as if they are sneaking back into the house after breaking curfew. Yet just as they think they have succeeded in quietly slipping into their room, they step on a creaking board and we find them in all their shame. Marijuana Harvest is one such naughty app.

Let’s start with the basics here. No, this is not an app to teach anyone how to grow, sell, or germinate their own special brand of cannabis. Neither will it get anyone high nor teach anyone the proper joint rolling techniques. Sadly, it would appear that a code junkie was high when they decided to make an app that does nothing more than create a live wallpaper of a gentle swaying field of pot plants. It even claims that the wallpapers are in HD, but judging from the screenshot they are far from HD quality.

Maybe this is cool when everyone is sitting around the empty bong and daring each other to drink the leftover water, but there is little use for something like this. After all, being wasted with some good buddies while huddling around a tiny phone screen and tripping over a fake field of Mary Jane is a lost opportunity in contemplating why the carpet feels so soft and luxurious. 

Instead, put the dope down, develop something fun for everyone to enjoy and make millions off some quality hard work. Then after hitting the big time, buy a boat, cruise down to the Caribbean, and sip on exotic drinks with little fancy umbrellas tucked into overly expensive fruit. It is far from illegal and a hundred times more entertaining. Just a through for those kids debating what they should do with their lives.

Chris Nitz
Chris has been playing games since the day he got his hands on an Atari 2600. Chris enjoys long walks on the DOA beach, candle lit dinners with Raziel, and flower power from Super Mario World. Chris now spends most of his time on the PC, PS3, DS/PSP, Droid, iPhone, and iPad.
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