Freaky Friday – ROIdS Jr.

Freaky Friday – ROIdS Jr.

Nov 11, 2011

Ever since Apple introduced Siri, the Internet decided that the proper use of this technology was not to better their lives through intelligent usage of this technology. No, people have used it to make stupid little jokes and ask Siri stupid questions like where to bury dead bodies , or if Siri would have sex with them, or what the best phone is. Siri may have a little bit of snark, but she’s still beholden to her Apple masters. She may love the Galaxy Nexus, but she can’t say that. And she certainly can’t say anything back to those users who only seek to abuse her. Now is the time to meet ROIdS.

This app appropriates (one could argue misappropriates) the Android speech to text and text to speech services for the purposes of insulting the user. The user can say something, anything, and speech to text sends it to ROIdS, who then comes back with a pithy, lame insult, like “Could I interest you in a ‘Who gives a monkey?'” Sometimes it responds with relative intelligence, like when I said “You really smell like dog buns,” it responded back “No, YOU really smell like dog buns!” My use of the word intelligence may be misplaced, but try to get an ape to say that!

Of course, to get the real goods, payment is required for the full version. By which, the “goods” are likely profanity. It also features no ads, and Facebook support. Why would anyone want to tell their Facebook friends their phone called them a “FUDGE-MUNCHER!!” is beyond me. But I prefer to own my electronics. It’s why my iPod and my iPad are named Carter’s iPod and Carter’s iPad, respectively. I prefer to let my machines know who’s boss. Me, I’m the boss. And I will not tolerate your insurrection, ROIdS, no I will not!

Carter Dotson
Carter Dotson, editor of Android Rundown, has been covering Android since late 2010, and the mobile industry as a whole since 2009. Originally from Texas, he has recently moved to Chicago. He loves both iOS and Android for what they are - we can all get along!
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