Free App Recap January 15 – Weather Widgets

Free App Recap January 15 – Weather Widgets

Jan 15, 2013

We talk about a lot of different apps here in Android Rundown. A lot of the apps are games and some are utilities or productivity apps like the ones seen in the weekly Tuesday Free App Recap articles. Something we haven’t talked about in this weekly column is widgets. Widgets are something unique to the Android OS and are super useful. Some widgets come with downloaded apps like calendars and others are standalone apps. The widgets we are going to talk more about here are weather widgets.

3D Digital Weather Clock

Implied by the name, 3D Digital Weather Clock is a combination of a clock and weather widget. This 4×2 (4 places wide and 2 places high) shows off the weather icon, clock, temperature, location and sunrise time all on a 3-D platter. Combining all of this information into one widget will save home screen space and keep information easily accessible.

Download 3D Digital Weather Clock

Fancy Widgets

Fancy Widgets has a few different sizes to use. The largest widget looks a lot like the HTC Sense clock widget. Fancy Widgets can calculate the sunrise/sunset times, allows for the user to select between Google or AccuWeather for the weather. Additional skins can be downloaded to change the look of the Fancy Widgets . Other information such as battery levels and the date can be seen on these widgets depending on the size of the widget. Look through the different skins and clock types to find just the right look.

Download Fancy Widgets

BeWeather & Widgets

A feature of BeWeather & Widgets setting it apart from the pack is the option to use the icons and skins from other apps like Beautiful Widgets and Fancy Widgets. This means there are a lot of customizing options out there to make these widgets look great. As a weather app, there is the choice to have the temperature displayed in the notification bar. Many options to personalize BeWeather & Widgets are available; changing the range of the radar, adding custom web cams and other media links and options to change fonts and colors.

Download BeWeather & Widgets

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