Free App Recap January 29 – Wallpaper Apps

Free App Recap January 29 – Wallpaper Apps

Jan 29, 2013

The wallpaper or background on your Android phone or tablet is something you see a lot of. For some people they see their phone background more than they see their computer background. Because of this, finding cool wallpapers for Android devices is kind of a must especially if you’re not one to take good pictures with your phone. This weeks list is all about wallpaper apps for Android phones and tablets.

MultiPicture Live Wallpaper

One of the problems with wallpapers is you can only have one of them. This makes no sense because an Android can have anyware from one to seven home screens. What MultiPicture Live Wallpaper lets you do is add one image per screen. So instead of having one picture spread out across seven screens, you’ll have seven individual images as you’re scrolling side to side. You can also have a totally separate lock screen image if you choose.

Download MultiPicture Live Wallpaper


ZEDGE is probably the most powerful free wallpaper application in Android market. It not only has lots of wallpapers and live wallpapers, you can also get a notification sounds and ring tones. When you want to make your Android look and sound totally different, ZEDGE is a good place to start. If you’d like to see what they have, you can go to their site and see. You can also send the image to your phone via QR code or email.

Download ZEDGE

Image 2 Wallpaper

Because the Android device takes an image and stretches over all of the home screens, sometimes getting the image to look right as a wallpaper can be near impossible. Image 2 Wallpaper lets you easily make your image fit the background of your phone or tablet a lot better. The settings are a lot easier to use than some of the stock wallpaper adjustment screens. There is also a live wallpaper version.

Download Image 2 Wallpaper

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