Free App Recap November 13th – Personal Assistants

Free App Recap November 13th – Personal Assistants

Nov 13, 2012

Android devices have a lot built in features controllable by voice. However, these are pretty basic controls. By adding a single application, it’s like adding a personal assistant and superpowering the device. These apps will extend what can be controlled by voice. Some of the apps add cool features while others just add a better interface for controlling the basics.


Vlingo is a great Android for controlling just about everything by voice. With the press of a button Vlingo will listen for phrases spoken plainly. Saying a phrase like “Open Google Maps.” Vlingo also has a really useful car mode. In car mode there is a phrase Vlingo listens for so the controls are totally hands-free. When car mode is activated, Safe Reader is turned on too. Safe Reader will read back incoming text messages.

Download Vlingo

Dragon Go!

The beauty of Dragon Go! is a great search assistant for Android devices. Fire up Dragon Go! and say something to search for like movie times or a search term and the site to search on. Dragon Go! will show the results for the search really fast. Certain searches need preintalled apps. When going through the tutorial the first time the app is opened, see the list of supported apps and sites.

Download Dragon Go!


Maluuba is one of the newest hottest Android assistant on the Google Play Store. It responds to plainly spoken commands like Vlingo and Dragon Go!, but there are some additional features here. Some of them are making a reservation at a restaurant or asking general knowledge questions like “What is the capital city of North Dakota?”. Use Maluuba to check into social networking sites using voice.
Download Maluuba

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