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Free App Recap November 20th – Android Browsers

Free App Recap November 20th – Android Browsers

Nov 20, 2012

Much like on a computer, a web browser comes preinstalled on Android devices, and Google Chrome is available as well. The good news is, this is not the only web browser available for Android. In fact, there are A lot of different Android web browsers to choose from. The browsers listed below are just a few of the possibilities. Usually when installing a new web browser, it’s done for specific reasons. One such reason to install one of the browsers below is because it will let video be played on many devices that don’t have the ability to play video natively.

Ninesky Browser

Ninesky Browser is a great browser for people more concerned with their online privacy. With all of the sites out there trying to get as much information about browsing habits as possible, keeping personal privacy can be difficult these days. When browsing with Ninesky Browser, a warning pops up notifying of any site trying to phish for information.

Download Ninesky Browser

UC Browser for Android

UC Browser for Android has a lot of really cool features made specifically for browsing on mobile devices. Some of the cool features are:

  • Night Mode to browse better at night.
  • Vox gives voice control over the features of the browser.
  • A built-in RSS Reader
  • Download Manager

On a mobile device, speed is essential. If it takes too long to download a page, most people lose interest and go back to what they were doing. Having a really fast browser pages can be viewed a lot quicker.

Download UC Browser for Android

Skyfire Web Browser 4.0

Skyfire is a great browser for anyone who has a device that doesn’t support video. The reason Skyfire can play videos while other browsers can’t, is because Skyfire doesn’t rely on any other application or resource on Android phone. While this isn’t 100% guaranteed, it’s still a great option for Android devices with slower processors or don’t have the option of flash.

Download Skyfire Web Browser 4.0

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Trevor is a freelance writer covering topics ranging from the Android OS to free web and desktop applications. When he is not writing about mobile productivity, He is coaching and playing the world's greatest game... Soccer.
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