Free App Recap October 16th: Android Password Managers

Free App Recap October 16th: Android Password Managers

Oct 16, 2012

Since people are using their Android devices to access the web more, having access to the secure passwords used to log into everything from social networking sites to bank accounts is more important now than ever. Below is a list of three different password managers to give access to the passwords from everywhere.


The LastPass application is free. However, the service itself runs $12 a year to access it from anywhere. The major benefit of using LastPass is being able to store passwords, information to fill out forms, generate passwords and set multiple identities, a LastPass Keyboard and LastPass Browser. While all these features may not be used every time, they are handy to have. For example using the LastPass Keyboard makes it much easier to log into websites. Using this keyboard saves steps from opening LastPass , finding the site, copying the username and password and pasting it into the desired site.

Download LastPass

Keeper Password & Data Vault

Keeper has similar offerings as LastPass with a layout more pleasing to the eye. Just like LastPass there is a minimal yearly charge to access the information from anywhere. Using the free version will only store information on the Android device it’s installed on. Creating secure passwords is a snap. Tapping the Dice next to the password text area will auto-generate a new secure password. Using the secure browser will help ensure the login information is not stolen by hackers.

Download Keeper Password & Data Vault


KeePassDroid is totally free. Syncing KeePassDroid is possible by using the classic Windows version for desktop and storing the database in a cloud service such as Dropbox. Both the desktop and Android version can then access the datasbase file keeping the same information in both places. The database is also password protected. Because everything is stored in a database file and not a third-party service, people might be more attracted to this method of keeping passwords because the information is not stored and accessible in somebody else’s server. The passwords can be sorted into different categories to better organize them.

Download KeePassDroid

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