Free App Recap October 9th: Android Keyboards

Free App Recap October 9th: Android Keyboards

Oct 9, 2012

Android devices have the ability to change the keyboard with simple download. This is unique to Android devices. BlackBerry and iPhone users are pretty much stuck with what comes on the device. With a simple search at the Google Play Store for the word “Keyboard”, more than 1000 free options are available. Below are a few good samples from the bunch.

GO Keyboard

GO Keyboard Is the most versatile of the group. There more than 60 different themes available to change the look and/or layout of the keyboard. Different layouts are also available for GO Keyboard . Use gestures to switch between layouts and also slide the keyboard down to minimize the keyboard. Not only can the look of the keyboard be customized, the input language can also be easily modified.

Download GO Keyboard

iPhone Keyboard Emulator FREE

The iPhone keyboard is pretty easy to type on. So instead of purchasing an iPhone, simply download this free keyboard for Android devices. The look is almost identical to the iPhone keyboard. The numbers and letters are spread apart so even if larger fingers try typing on it, there’s enough space in between so multiple keys are not hit. One note about this iPhone keyboard. Some ads may be placed in the notification bar from time to time.

Download iPhone Keyboard Emulator FREE

Big Buttons Keyboard Standard

One dilemma people with larger fingers face is dealing with a small buttons on a touchscreen phone. Many people think just because a a phone has a larger screen the on-screen buttons will be larger. This is not the case though. So to remedy this problem, a quick download of Big Button Keyboard will change the keyboard to something with a much larger set of buttons. The layout is a little bit different and may take a little bit of getting used to but it does solve a problem.

Download Big Buttons Keyboard Standard

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  • Aadam Gibson

    Awesome, Android devices have the ability to change the keyboard with simply to download. There are many different designs and layouts of keyboard available on android.

  • jo.sidarta

    You could also try Swype Keyboard; it’s awesome keyboard; and the beta version is free (