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Free Friday App Rundown December 28 – Matching Games

Free Friday App Rundown December 28 – Matching Games

Dec 28, 2012

As we age, our brain tends to get lazy. It does’t like to learn and react to good as they did when we were younger. Playing match games and other memory training games will help keep the brain fresh and working like you did when you were younger. It may even help when trying to remember where the car keys are.

Jewels Star

Jewels Star is a traditional Match 3 type of game. Matching three or more like jewels makes them disappear and scores points. The more like jewels matched, the greater the reward; sometimes color changing jewels and other power ups. There’s some great soothing music in the background to.

Download Jewels Star

Match Cube

Match Cube brings a new dimension to match games. Instead of having a flat game surface, a greater challenges added by using a 3 dimensional cube as the playing surface. Using any of the tiles on any of the side it, pick the matching tiles. This will really test memorization and brainpower!

Download Match Cube

Matching Game – DoubleTake!

Another fast-paced memory style matching game. As the similar tiles are touched, combos can be earned. The different modes make it a lot of fun. In survival mode for example each wrong selection will decrease the health bar. Each right answer will increase it. Also, throughout the game the tiles move and appear and disappear making it more difficult to remember the tiles based on location only.

Download Matching Game – DoubleTake!

Wonderlines match-3 puzzle

Wonderlines is a match 3 style game with a twist. Instead of matching several stones of a single color in a line, match balls to destroy them over a selection brown tiles. It takes the genre of the game and adds a new aspect to it to help set it apart from the many other match 3 type games.

Download Wonderlines match-3 puzzle

Memory Match

Memory Match is a more classic style memory match type game. Choose from different tile types to match such as plants or jewels. The tiles are shown, then it is all a matter or remembering where two of the matching tiles are. Even though it’s a little more simplistic than other games in the list, it’s a good place to start training for better memory retention.

Download Memory Match

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