Free Horror Games for Friday the 13th

Free Horror Games for Friday the 13th

Jul 13, 2012

Here we are, another Friday the 13th. I thought it was fitting to show off a few of the horror type games on Google Play, of which there are many. While I am not a huge fan of horror movies, the games are usually super fun. How often does one get to hack and slash up people and things without the fear of jail time?

The games below are a mix of different types ranging from trivia to GPS-based to 3D games. Add in a comment with the best horror game for the best way to spend Friday the 13th.

Mystique Ch1: Foetus

Mystique is the first of the 3 chapter game and also the only free one of the 3. The others will run $2.79 USD each. This game is awesome. Right at the start, the room is a puzzle. Find objects and see if the way out can be found. If not, feel free to hang out with the dead girl’s ghost and the bathtub filled with blood.
Download Mystique Ch1: Foetus


Horror Run!

Horror Run is a bit more cartoony than the other games here, making it a bit more kid-friendly. The basis of the game is to, well, run away to survive. Running through places like a graveyard are to be expected, but collecting treasures along the way takes some of the scary out if the game.
Download Horror Run!


Horror Movie Trivia

For the horror movie buff, a trivia game is a great way to justify all of the time spent in front of the TV and at the movies. Answer questions about classics as well as newer movies. Paying attention to the details can save a life in the movies, see how of that can be remembered now.
Download Horror Movie Trivia

Zombie Run!

Zombie Run! uses the Android’s GPS to pinpoint the location of the phone. Using Google Maps, it turns the area into a zombie infested area which is bad news. Get the heck out of there and avoid the zombies to stay alive. Yes, this means getting off the couch and actually getting out into the world to play.
Download Zombie Run!


Frozen Death

Think air hockey, horror movie style. When some late night hockey goes wrong at the stroke of midnight, it’s survival time instead of fun time. The puck is a saw blade and that’s the tool to kill the bloody hockey mask. I have to admit, this is a unique way to play air hockey.
Download Frozen Death


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