FreshTasks Series of Apps Aim for Convenience Without Clutter

FreshTasks Series of Apps Aim for Convenience Without Clutter

Sep 18, 2012

FreshTouchscreen has released a series of applications for Android that are designed to be simple, yet useful tools for users to keep with them on their phones.

FreshNotes is a simple note-taking application. Create a note with a title and description, and it will be there for later consumption.

FreshTasks is a simple to-do list, similar to Clear on iOS. This offers a simple checklist of things to do, that can then be checked off as necessary. Google Tasks users can synchronize with the web.

FreshShoppingList is helpful when grocery shopping; add needed items to the list in a selected quantity and mark them off when picked up.

The apps are available in several different permutations. Each app is available as its own independent app on Google Play, in both ad-supported and paid ad-free versions. As well, a comprehensive FreshTasks Complete app is available that puts the features of all three apps in one. This is designed, according to the developers, to be so that people don’t get unnecessary clutter from features they wouldn’t use. FreshTasks Complete is also available in free and paid versions. All the apps are available from Google Play.

Carter Dotson
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