Friday Android Free Game Recap August 17

Friday Android Free Game Recap August 17

Aug 17, 2012

I always wondered how people could sit and play tower defense games. They seemed boring…until I played one. The strategy involved when placing the defending towers in even an easy tower defense game will either win the level with ease or make for a disastrous loss.

Below are a few tower defense games with themes and difficulty levels. For the first timer player and possible skeptic, pick something with cool graphics and a lot of levels. The games can be a bit more addictive than most people intend them to be.

Robo Defense Free

Go all Buck Rogers with robots holding off other attacking robots. Set up the different types of robots with different types of weapons to cripple the wave of attacking sheet metal. With 11 different difficulties, Robo Defensewill take a little while to master.

Download Robo Defense Free

Medieval Castle Defense

What’s a tower defense game article without at least one based on an era where it could actually happen? Using weapons of the time period, cannons, catapults, towers tossing out nets and many others to defeat the attacking waves of intruders is what it’s all about. The farther the game progresses, the more tower type will be available.

Download Medieval Castle Defense

GRave Defense

Ever wonder what would happen if the undead really started to rise? Well this is a tower defense game built on that exact theory. Stop the zombies from taking over the graveyards using any means necessary to hold them back. All of the towers have different uses; some freeze the enemy while others have exploding projectiles. Place them around the graveyard and keep make the undead dead again.

Download GRave Defense

Bugz Tower Defense

Regardless if playing a game or it’s real life, bugs trying to invade isn’t a good thing. Bugz Tower Defense is a way to practice keeping the little insects at bay. Stop the waves of bugs from attacking using every crafty weapon ever created. Well not every weapon, but there are a lot of different choices.

Download Bugz Tower Defense

Epic Defense – the Elements

Epic Defense – the Elements uses all of the powers of the elements to defend their land. Attack the orcs with volcanoes, lightening, ice and other magical weapons. To keep the game more interesting, 21 different levels and different modes make for a challenging game.

Download Epic Defense – the Elements

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