Friday Free App Rundown January 25 – Disease Games

Friday Free App Rundown January 25 – Disease Games

Jan 25, 2013

Back in the day (biblical times), it seemed like there was always some sort of plague or biological disaster happening. With all of the chemical warfare and crazy people out there, something could very possibly happen where a super disease takes out a chunk of the population. So, what’s the best thing to do? Make a game about it of course. :)

Plague Inc.

We have mentioned Plague Inc. before, but it is a really cool game and I thought it was worth mentioning again. The premise of the game is to unleash a plague on the world and try to kill every living person on earth. Playing with the different ways to spread the virus or bacteria or other plagues and the various mutations is fun in a scary way.

Download Plague Inc.

Disease Propagation Simulator

Disease Propagation Simulator is a little less of a game than Plague Inc. and more of a personal research tool. Play around with the different methods of spreading the disease. Different settings like setting the birth rate and how many of the kids are born sick make this a really interesting game.

Download Disease Propagation Simulator

Hospital Havoc 2

A little more on the catroony and lighthearted side of things, Hospital Havoc 2 is like combination of the SIMS and the TV show Scrubs as an Android game. Make a hospital and run it. Different diseases, some are embarassing or exotic, need to be cured.

Download Hospital Havoc 2

Micronytes Free

Micronytes Free is a game about someone who is sick and doctors can’t find out what’s wrong. They use some technology and the send in microscopic Micronytes to find and defeat the evil disease. It’s a pretty addictive 2D scroller.

Download Micronytes Free

ByeBye Mosquito

Okay, this one is a stretch to put in the category about disease games. I thought, mosquitoes, malaria… Anyway, fight off malaria by killing the mosquitoes before they can bite. While this is a free game, there are prompts to donate a real mosquito net to someone in need of protection from malaria riddled mosquitoes.

Download ByeBye Mosquito

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