Friday Free App Rundown March 15th – Boat Games

Friday Free App Rundown March 15th – Boat Games

Mar 15, 2013

There is just something about the sea. When the boat is sitting in the calm water in a beautiful harbor, it’s hard to imagine being anywhere else. Okay, I can’t say I have ever experienced that but it looks cool on TV. Anyway, there are a lot of cool things boats can do. Being in a game is one of them. This week’s Free App Rundown is all about boat games. Let us know which great boat game should have made the list in the comments below.

Absolute RC Boat Sim

During winter months in the Midwest all of the lakes are frozen so there is no option to race RC boats on them. Absolute RC Boat Sim will help calm the urge until Spring. This is a pretty realistic RC boat simulator. Several different boat types are available to make it even more fun. Use the on-screen controls to maneuver the boat around the water even hitting a few jumps along the way.

Download Absolute RC Boat Sim

3D Beer Chase Boat Racing FREE

Remember the game Toobin’? Well this has some similarities to that. Basically there is a beer truck that tipped over and its up to the guy in the boat to get all of it as he paddles down the river. There are also women in bikinis on rafts. Bump into them to up the love points. Gat all the beer bottles to keep the beer level up. Bumping into the other people on tubes will lower the beer level.

Download 3D Beer Chase Boat Racing FREE

You Sunk My Tug Boat FREE

The easiest way to explain the game is, it’s like the light bikes in Tron only with boats. The boats travel really fast through the water and leave a wall behind them. Try and leave a wall in the path of the other boats so they crash into it. The game goes until there is only one boat left. As the level is being played, it gets harder and harder to maneuver around will all of the walls in the way.Good luck!

Download You Sunk My Tug Boat FREE

Parachutes and Boat

This game is all about catch and rescue. As the parachutists are falling from the sky, it is the job of the people in the boat to catch them and move them to shore. With only 2 additional people per boat, it can be pretty difficult to catch all of the skydivers and get them to safety.

Download Parachutes and Boat

TorpedoRun Free

As the captain of the USS Kick-Ass, there is a need to go to battle. There are a lot of other vessels in the area and they are all out to sink of the submarine that’s attacking them. Pummel the other ships with mines and torpedoes while avoiding their attacks as well. This is a super fun game and different because it is on the water.

Download TorpedoRun Free

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