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Friday Free App Rundown March 1st – Basketball Games

Friday Free App Rundown March 1st – Basketball Games

Mar 1, 2013

Basketball is a lot of fun to play and a pretty difficult to become good at. For those of us who aren’t all that great at it in real life, we can play them on our phones. As with any sports games, over time they have progressed and gotten really realistic.

Basketball has a lot of different styles of games that can be taken from the sport. This week we are talking about some different variations of basketball games for Android devices.

Basketball Throw!

Basketball Throw! is a pretty simple basketball game. It’s really addictive too. By dragging a finger on the screen, the path of the ball is displayed with dotted lines. Aim at the basket and try to get as many baskets as possible in the allotted time. It is a little harder than it looks.

Download Basketball Throw!

Basketball Shots 3D

Some times what makes a game more interesting than the others like it is the different modes or ways to play. That’s the case with Basketball Shots 3D. Not only can is there a chance play 1-on-1, there is also an online mode. This means there can be challenges with friend who aren’t in the same room or state. Battle mode is also a lot of fun trying to block the other player from making their shots.

Download Basketball Shots 3D

Real Basketball

Real Basketball lives up to its name. Modes like the Time Attack mode are fun to see how many baskets can be scored within the round. The Arcade mode is a real game. Using the realistic physics, popping a 3 from way back is a lot like doing it in real life; it takes skill. The camera angle when taking a shot is an over the shoulder style so it looks like it would in real life.

Download Real Basketball

Big Win Basketball

What I like about Big Win Basketball is the cartoony characters. I have always liked the less realistic games, the ones that use exaggerated physics. Get some power ups in the form of Impact Cards to help get the team the trophy in the competition. The more the teams win, the more Impact Cards the team will get. It’s a circle of winning really so practice up.

Download Big Win Basketball

Basketball Mania

Basketball Mania is a really fun skill game like they have at arcades and carnivals. See how many baskets can be made before the time runs out. As the levels are completed, the game changes a little to make it more and more challenging. The basket even moves so it’s a lot harder to time the shots. Some of the skins are pretty cool looking too.

Download Basketball Mania

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