Friday Free Game Rundown November 2nd – Restaurant Games

Friday Free Game Rundown November 2nd – Restaurant Games

Nov 2, 2012

For some reason, restaurant games are pretty popular. People like playing games about serving food and running a fast food restaurant but don’t like to do it in real life. Strange, huh? Anyway, here are some games to let out the inner burger flipper itching to get out.

Restaurant Story

Restaurant Story is all about making a successful restaurant. Not only is it making the food and keeping the people happy, Restaurant Story is about the entire restaurant experience. Choose the menu and the decorations inside the establishment to make it one of a kind.

Download Restaurant Story

Chinese BBQ Restaurant

Siu Mei is a type of Chinese cooking. Chinese BBQ Restaurant is a game where the foal is to run a Chinese BBQ restaurant. The characters look a little South Park-ish; almost like they are digital paper cut-outs. Each new level of the game earns a new recipe. Toggle between foods and soups and making different combinations fast enough to serve the customers before they get mad and leave.

Download Chinese BBQ Restaurant

Order Up!! To Go

Order Up!! To Go is a little more about the cooking part of running a restaurant. As the game moves from level to level, culinary skills are learned. Buy different restaurants and upgrade them with new tools of the trade. Better kitchen equipment and and better recipes make for a better food empire.

Download Order Up!! To Go

Tiny Chef

Tiny Chef is played from more of a manager’s view. The food is made and the waitstaff will serve them to the people there to eat. As the overseer of the game, all of the aspects of the restaurant are part of the game. Make the food, choose the decor, learn new recipes and more.

Download Tiny Chef

Stand O’Food

Stand O’Food offers a couple of levels to play. One is called lunch rush. For anyone who has worked in a restaurant, they will know the lunch rush is pretty hectic to say the least.With over 100 levels and about 80 sandwiches to learn how to make, Stand O’Food will take a while to master. This game is about coming up with a strategy before trying to get speedier.

Download Stand O’Food

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