Fruit Ninja Arcade Mode Coming Soon?

Fruit Ninja Arcade Mode Coming Soon?

Nov 17, 2010

About a week ago Halfbrick finally showed us what was to be of that mysterious black banana that taunts us with its “Coming Soon” innuendo. Of course it has already been released to the iOS masses but when is Android going to get some love? There are over 100,000 Android users anxiously awaiting some new fruit slicing challenges and even more who are rediscovering their fruit frenzied fingers via the Galaxy Tab so I ask again: “When is Android going to get some love”?

For those of you who don’t have the slightest clue about what I am talking about check out Fruit Ninja For Android for the scoop on Fruit Ninja. Now about that arcade mode, here’s what we should see when it is finally released for Android.

In “Arcade” mode you get 60 seconds to try and slice your way to the highest score possible. What you will surely notice in this mode is the addition of the bonus colored bananas. There are 3 different Bo-nanas as I like to call them, each with their own special potassium packed prizes. Here’s their descriptions via Halfbrick:

  • Double Points – This banana will award you double points for a short period of time. Criticals and combos count too, so rack up those fruit for some massive scores!
  • Frenzy – If you’re not content with the amount of fruit on screen, the Frenzy banana will take care of that. A mammoth amount of fruit will begin flying in, but you have to stay focused to slice it all!
  • Freeze – The entire screen will slow down, allowing for maximum accuracy and combo potential!

Are you hungry or just itching to unleash some more samurai sword swiping insanity? Either way I say we keep bothering @Halfbrick on twitter until they meet are demands! (just kidding btw)

Source: Halfbrick

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  • Well as I write this comment it’s already been released… I wonder what kind of mode they’re gonna be adding soon? Maybe another type of multiplayer mode, perhaps?