The Galaxy Nexus Goes Out of Sale on Google Play: A Patent Story With Real-World Impact?

The Galaxy Nexus Goes Out of Sale on Google Play: A Patent Story With Real-World Impact?

Jul 4, 2012

Patent issues are threatening to impact consumers again, as Google has stopped selling the Galaxy Nexus on Google Play, according to Phandroid. Android Rundown is trying not to cover the recent patent lawsuits going on between Google, Apple, and other companies, because it’s generally uninteresting, neverending, and irrelevant as many of these cases wind up being settled with money changing hands and licensing deals struck. Usually, there’s no impact to the average person. However, Apple’s recent lawsuit against Samsung, alleging that the Galaxy Nexus violates their patents, has caused for a temporary injunction to be brought against Google’s flagship phone.

As such, Google has temporarily stopped selling the unlocked HSPA+ version on Google Play. There’s no word if the versions available through Sprint and Verizon will go out of sale. After the recent customs holdup of new HTC phones, this is the second time that the US has seen a phone held back from consumers. As well, Nokia appears to be bringing up a potential wireless patent issue with Asus and Google over the Nexus 7, but licensing may be the endgame there.

It’s likely, with all the patent issues out there, that covering every single phone being pulled would be dreadful reading, and for current Android owners who want to know what they should be able to do with their current device, it’s uninteresting reading. It’s why the site tries to focus on the apps, the things that can be currently done, covering important hardware news because that is important in the world of Android. This story is important because this impacts Google’s flagship phone, the star device running Jelly Bean, and because of the implications on the future of the operating system from both a usability and business standpoint. It is big news, and any future stories on hardware, and the patent issues will try to meet a standard of being important enough to report. Not every patent trial is worth writing about for the average Android user. But as the editor of Android Rundown, I believe this is.

If there are any readers out there with feedback on the site’s coverage of any patent issues, and hardware in general, please leave a comment below.

Carter Dotson
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