Galcon Coming to Android Market VERY Soon

Galcon Coming to Android Market VERY Soon

Aug 12, 2010

As a long time App Reviewer, I’ve had the chance to review many different apps since the launch of both the iPhone and Android App Stores. An early favorite of mine was Galcon, a real-time strategy game with a very simple appearance at first glance, but very strategic and captivating game play once you start digging into it.

So why am I reminiscing about days of old? Well, according to Phil Hassey, Galcon’s creator, the Android port of Galcon is in it’s final stages before release! While there’s no set release date yet, Phil seems confident that the app will be live “VERY Soon” and we’re just as excited as he is to dive head first into this fantastic game.

The game currently fetches the price of $2.99 on the iTunes App Store, so we’re hoping for the same price on the Android Market as well. Once the app is officially released expect a review on Android Rundown to follow, giving you the ins and outs of this fantastic iPhone port.

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