New Game ‘BeeKeeper’ Lands on Android

New Game ‘BeeKeeper’ Lands on Android

Dec 12, 2015

BeeKeeper, a new title from Umbral Games, has just dropped on Google Play.

Ever get tired of playing classic video game clones that bring nothing new to the table?
BeeKeeper is a game that brings Minesweeper back to life by putting more than just a new spin on it.

By taking advantage of the Unity 5 game engine, the game maintains the simplicity of its predecessor while introducing powerful new game modes and techniques that make Minesweeper interesting again.

The levels in this game abolish the ideology of rectangular grids and close proximity connections, so each level can range from looking like a simple bee to a massive bridge.

This is just the tip of the iceberg!

BeeKeeper features:

• A progressive mode, where levels increase in size and complexity as you progress
• An arcade mode, where you build streaks while completing levels in a given time frame
• A level editor, where you can create and test levels that you design
• A classic mode, for the nostalgic Minesweeper enthusiasts
• An online mode, where you can share levels and compete for the best times on leaderboards (coming soon!)
• Special tools – called Boosters, which help you when stuck on a level
• And much, much more!

BeeKeeper is free (with optional in-app purchases) on Google Play.

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