New Game ‘Submarine Dash’ Launches on Google Play

New Game ‘Submarine Dash’ Launches on Google Play

Sep 8, 2016

Verusoft’s newest entry Submarine Dash is now available for our downloading pleasure on the Play Store; this one is an engaging underwater runner with cutesy graphics rendered in 3D.

And here are the game details (per its page):

Nobody knows how many ships didn’t swim to their hardboards. How many ships sunk in the wild water. And nobody knows what treasures these ships had on the board. Now you have a great opportunity to explore this deep water and find the lost treasure scattered on the sea bottom. Choose one of many little submarines adjusted for collecting treasures from the ocean and start your journey. However, be careful because the ocean is not the safest place on earth, especially for a small submarine. There is a lot of danger all around from sharp reefs and forgotten underwater mines to big creatures defending their territory. But the rewards are worth it. When you have sufficient amount of collected coins and gems, You can use it to improve your submarine and unlock new sea areas.


★ Endless fun
★ Amazing Powerups
★ Incredible Locations
★ Multiple Submarines
★ Funny Skins
★ Epic Boss Fights

The game is free, and has optional in-app purchase opportunities. The trailer is below:

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