Gamevil’s Hit RPG Game ILLUSIA Now Available On Android

Gamevil’s Hit RPG Game ILLUSIA Now Available On Android

Mar 16, 2011

Today, premier mobile game publisher Gamevil announced the release of their hit RPG game ILLUSIA on Android. Gamevil is no stranger to RPG’s as they are responsible for the popular Zenonia series along with other sport RPG’s such as the Baseball Superstars franchise.

ILLUSIA for Android is a side scrolling casual platform action RPG featuring Gamevil’s prominent anime styled graphics. Choose from one of two heroes as you embark on an epic quest to unravel the secrets behind the mysterious tower of ILLUSIA. Learn skills and arm yourself with a wide variety of weapons and armors as you attempt to restore peace to the land of Aztaran.


    Journey through the seven distinctive colorful stages of ILLUSIA’s picturesque environment.
  • MULTIPLE MODES FOR EVERLASTING FUN – Enjoy the action of Rush Mode and Mission Mode in conjunction with Normal and Hard Mode.
  • UPGRADABLE CLASSES & SPECTACULAR SKILLS- 14 different affiliates of fighter and magician class each possess active, passive and buff skills.
  • VISUALLY IMPRESSIVE CUSTOMIZATION -Transform your character from head to toe from the vast selection of weapons and armors.

Your journey to crush all things evil is only a few clicks away. ILLUSIA is $4.99 and is available now in the Android Market.

Download: ILLUSIA

Source: Gamevil

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