GDC 2013: Nyko Keeps on Keeping On With the Playpad

GDC 2013: Nyko Keeps on Keeping On With the Playpad

Apr 4, 2013

Nyko is keeping on keeping on with their Playpad. While our initial review was not quite favorable, the controllers are still being worked on and promoted. The Nyko Playground app has been updated with a brand new interface, promoting games that support the controller, though interestingly they’re promoting every game with HID support, as their controller doesn’t have a specific API to use its basic functionality as with the MOGA and Green Throttle controllers. It means that they support more games than those with specific APIs. The advanced functionality is still there, just now not immediately featured.

So, what about the vaunted app for mapping touchscreen inputs to gamepad commands? Well, according to the Nyko representative I spoke to, that plan suffered a major problem when Jelly Bean released, as it changed the way that their software interfaced with virtual touchpad drivers. As such, they would likely need to have their own drivers that ship with Android in order to make it work reliably. So, don’t expect support for this feature very soon, if ever, at least not without rooting.

The update to Nyko Playground should be available soon on Google Play.

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