Georgie Aims to Make Smartphones Accessible to Blind and Visually-Impaired Users

Georgie Aims to Make Smartphones Accessible to Blind and Visually-Impaired Users

Jul 19, 2012

Georgie is an application that’s designed to help visually-impaired smartphone owners use their phones and take full advantage of all the capabilities it provides sighted users. While it’s currently only available for users in the UK and Ireland, it provides valuable access to those who want to take advantage of smartphone technology

The app is designed to use gestures to make it easy to use a phone. Swiping through buttons and list elements will audibly announce to users what they’re seclecting, and tapping-and-holding will open that feature, such as dialing a contact, or starting up speech-to-text for sending a text. For partially-sighted users, colors can be customized to be more visually-accessible. There’s a geolocation feature that can help guide users to certain locations using their phone, or even spots they would wish to avoid, such as if they’re hard to access or could be potentially hazardous. Finding new places such as stores or restaurants is also possible. The camera on a device can be used as an optical character recognition device as well.

Georgie is created by Sight and Sound Technology, and was developed in coordination with The app is available for free from Google Play, though users need to contact Sight and Sound to get access to the app and individual features.

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