GetJar Launches Free Paid Apps Program, GetJar Gold

GetJar Launches Free Paid Apps Program, GetJar Gold

Aug 8, 2011

Third-party app stores have to have some kind of way to attract eyeballs to them instead of the Android Market, and GetJar is trying many different methods to do this, from offering exclusively free titles to the exclusive launch of Cut the Rope, to even taking on the Apple behemoth directly. Now, they appear to be taking on the Amazon AppStore with a free app gambit of their own: GetJar Gold.

GetJar Gold differs from the Amazon AppStore’s free app of the day program by offering a variety of apps at one time for free. The service has launched with apps like Age of Zombies, SwiftKey X, and The Moron Test for free. There are 9 apps currently available for free, with a couple of sponsored listings on the page as well. This offering of multiple free apps simultaneously differs from Amazon’s one featured free app per 24 hours system, and it may lead to apps being able to be displayed on GetJar Gold for longer than 24 hours. This could be more lucrative for those looking to build their userbases, as the Amazon AppStore’s 24 hour featured window only provides a small burst.

While the continuation of the free application model on Android may have drawbacks, especially making it more difficult for premium application developers to sell their apps, Android users clearly have a taste for free applications, and there is competition with so many free apps out there. Free to play games are lucrative business on the iOS App Store, and with the in-app purchase mechanisms on Android, free app distribution could become a lucrative channel at some point, even if the app is normally paid. Having this feature ability, and having something not as time-limited, could be a boon for those trying to use free price drops to draw attention. Right now, the apps are primarily from larger-name developers, but having a blend of big-name and small-name apps on the same page could draw attention in ways that the Amazon AppStore does not.

GetJar Gold can be accessed by visiting GetJar’s site from the Android browser; after installing a helper application, apps can be browsed and downloaded from the browser without registration, though Facebook Connect is available for tracking and sharing apps on GetJar.

Carter Dotson
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