Glu and EA Mobile Begin to Publish Titles for the Amazon Appstore

Glu and EA Mobile Begin to Publish Titles for the Amazon Appstore

Nov 16, 2011

More so than any other Android device launching, the Kindle Fire is particularly newsworthy because of the separate ecosystem it is creating. This is also thanks to being a major Android device from a big-name company with the content library, technological backbone, and user payment information to become a behemoth. Of course, while their music and book libraries are massive, and their video library is expanding (along with support for other popular media services), app distribution is a big question still for the Kindle Fire. Many publishers have yet to support the Amazon Appstore for a myriad of reasons. However, it appears as if the launch of the Kindle Fire will start to spur support to the platform from big-name Android publishers not yet on the platform.

In particular, Glu and EA Mobile have announced that they are now offering their titles through the Amazon AppStore. Glu is launching Contract Killer, Bug Village, and Eternity Warriors on the Amazon Appstore; all were previously available on the Android Market. Glu will be releasing other titles on the Amazon Appstore in the future as well. all the titles were optimized for Android tablets, and should work as well on the Kindle Fire.

EA’s launch titles for the Amazon Appstore include several known titles: Bejeweled 2, SimCity Deluxe, Monopoly, The Game of Life, and Scrabble. All the game’s have been optimized for the Kindle Fire, and Bejeweled 2 is actually free on the 16th as well. The most notable title is Dead Space; while the game released a while back on iOS, and has been pre-installed on GameStop’s tablets, this is the EA title that should prove to be a test of the Kindle Fire’s horsepower, to see if it can be a capable gaming system as well as a media consumption device. All these titles are now available.

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