Goodbye, Andy!

Goodbye, Andy!

Nov 1, 2014

In Android circles, Andy Rubin is renown.

I mean, the guy’s resume reads like the besotted dream of every tech geek. Apple (yes, that Apple), MSN (yes, that MSN) and eventually, he was one of the guys behind Danger Incorporated.

In 2003, Rubin helped co-found a small, more or less nondescript technology company called Android. Reportedly, the initial focus of the company was to create a homogeneous operating platform for digital cameras.


Funny as that is, the rest became history. A search company called Google saw something in the little startup, and acquired Android in 2005. Rubin joined Google, and Android went on and did relatively well against the Symbians, WinMOs, PalmOses and the other mobile OSes out there.

It also works well on cameras, by the way. And the OS spawned several enthusiast publications, like Android Rundown.

Rubin did well too, moving on from Android to lead Google’s incursion into robotics. And on October 30th, 2014, the Father of Android left Google to form a new company that will serve as “a new incubator for hardware startups.”

If anything, it’s tough no to wish Rubin well, and we do. He helped create a whole new world of mobility, and the most entrenched mobile OS in the world.

Best wishes to Andy Rubin.

Andy Rubin

[Image courtesy of Joi Ito via of Flickr Creative Commons]

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