Google Acquires BlindType, Brings Whole New Era Of “Did You Mean?”

Google Acquires BlindType, Brings Whole New Era Of “Did You Mean?”

Oct 4, 2010

Time to put typing mistakes on the endangered species list. Since its inception, Google has been on a mission to eradicate typing mistakes. First it was the condescending “Did you mean?” response to our typos. Then they got tired of waiting for us to make a mistake and said “Hey why don’t we just show them what they mean to type before they even type it (Google Instant).” What’s next? Acquiring a company who has developed a technology which will predict and correct your typing mistakes without you even touching the actual keypad! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, SOS has just gone futuristic. Just start tapping away and BlindType will take care of everything.

Technology has gone the way of touchscreen and what’s the most annoying thing about touchscreen typing? The mistakes! Is it your fault? Of course not! How the hell can anyone be expected to type on a virtual keyboard the size of a Triscuit? We know it, Google knows it, and the two smart guys who started BlindType certainly know it. Their mission: “To boldly type where no finger has typed before!” (actually that’s my mission) and to bring this technology to everyone (hence the acquisition by Google and not Apple).

I would sit here and try to explain what exactly “Blind Type” does but you really need to see it for yourselves. Check out the videos below to see it in action. No wonder Google scooped them up. Google hates mistakes, and BlindType is another tool Google can use to exterminate them. Great news for BlindType, Google, and the rest of the world, really. It’s nice to see developers who solve the real problems users face when trying to adapt to new technology. They thought outside the box and decided to force technology to adapt to us. Kudos to you for your innovation and many thanks from my big fingers.

Source: BlindType, via Droid Life

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