Google Keep Adds Chrome Compatibility

Google Keep Adds Chrome Compatibility

May 8, 2013

Admit it: we were all a bit enthralled with the introduction of Google Keep, Google’s mobile note-keeping solution. It was clean, fairly lightweight and nice to look at.

A problem for power users such as myself (I do say that with full modesty) was the glaring lack of a desktop companion. You know… for the times that the mobile warrior is obligated to go so low as to get on a laptop our desktop. Having a note application that is accessible on the fly is practically the only real reason to use one. So, we whined about it (and by “we” I mean I did it on your behalf). Google clearly puts a high premium on what I have to say; I don’t mean to brag though.

Thankfully, Google has somewhat addressed the problem by introducing Keep for Chrome, an extension that, well, extends the functionality of the mobile dream catcher. To use it with Chrome, the user will have to be logged into a Google account.

Of course, we’d love for Keep to possibly work with other browsers, but Chrome browser users like myself are happy to be the favored children. In my testing, the extension worked well and reflected compete sync with mobile app. I would like tighter integration with Google Docs; how about a fixed icon link from within Docs settings instead of a URL? Some folks will probably crave a local desktop companion too. Some issues still remain, such as the inability to categorize notes with tags.

Still, sounds like this app is definitely worth taking another look at, and it’s good to see Google working on increasing the functionality of new apps, especially with many still shell-shocked by the shuttering of Google Reader. Keep might not yet have the raw power or cross-platform appeal of, say, Evernote, but its minimal design is a plus.

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