Google Wants More Apps

Google Wants More Apps

Feb 4, 2011

According to an article posted last week by the Wall Street Journal, it seems Google is looking to boost in-house app development. According to the post, Google has begun recruiting software engineers, product managers, user-interface experts and others who have ideas for mobile apps. It should come as no surprise that Google would want a piece of the billion dollar mobile app market which research predicts will triple in revenue this year.

Most of the apps Google has developed, while impressive, are really just extensions of their already popular web applications. Google is looking to extend its catalog of break-through apps and also put an end to the current trend of hit apps being released on iOS first and then Android. Google is hoping to recruit developers with pre-existing plans in an attempt to speed up this process. By putting together micro teams across its various locations, Google hopes to quickly and efficiently churn out quality apps which include anything from games to location-based social networking apps.

While Google is a powerful company with the means and power to catapult developers into stardom, it also comes at a price to outside developer competition. Developers are usually prepared for this sort of thing but I can’t help but wonder how many great ideas and developers we’re going to see gobbled up in this process.

It’s hard to tell if this move will be good or bad for the app/development community and whether or not it will spark/fizzle app innovation for Android. The mobile app market is growing at a rapid rate and with the recent influx of smartphone and tablet production the demand is most definitely there. I guess we shouldn’t be shocked at the move considering Android’s growth and Google’s recent 6,000+ job listings. Other big announcements giving weight to these moves is the recent announcement of the Android Market Web Store along with in-app purchase support (coming soon) and currency support.

What do you think? Good or bad for the developer community? Do you care or did you already stop reading this to start sprucing up your resume and figure out how to pitch your app to Google?

Source: WSJ

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