Google+ Hangouts Updated with More Usability Features

Google+ Hangouts Updated with More Usability Features

Sep 10, 2014

Google+ Hangouts, Google’s multi-functional mobile messaging utility, has just received a decently sized update.

According to the Play Store changelog, new features in the new build include:

● Customize ringtones for each of your Hangouts
● Block SMS messages from specific phone numbers
● Restore contacts that you have previously hidden
● Layout support for right-to-left languages

Additionally, according to an earlier report from Android Central, it seems as though Google is rolling out a server-side change that allows Google Voice SMS to be routed and managed from within Hangouts. This hearkens to the expected merging of Voice into Hangouts.

It’s also pertinent to note that Google Voice has an update available.

Hangouts is available on the Play Store for free.


[Source: Google Play and Android Central]

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