Google Maps For Android Updated to 4.6

Google Maps For Android Updated to 4.6

Nov 9, 2010

An update for Google Maps is now available bringing it up to version 4.6. This recent update focuses primarily on enhancements to the “Places Pages.” They decided to improve on the way reviews are displayed by adopting the same format as the desktop view. Reviews will now be broken down into two separate categories:

  • “Reviews from around the Web” – Here you can view reviews from a variety of sources from around the web. These sites sometimes provide higher-quality reviews and usually include other relevant information.
  • “Reviews from Google users” – Here you can view reviews posted directly to Google Maps by other users.

They have also added a couple new categories to help you when trying to narrow down your search results. Originally you could filter by “Distance” or “Rating,” but now with this new update, you have a total of 5 filter options:

  • Distance
  • Rating
  • Open Now
  • Neighborhood
  • Related Searches

All in all, some great new options to help us choose places that will better fit our needs and tastes.

Aside from the updates to the “Places pages,” Google’s Latitude received an experimental “Real-time updating” option. This option allows you to temporarily view faster location updates of friends you may be looking to meet up with (or stalk). The Google Latitude update requires both Google Maps 4.6 and Android 2.2 or higher to work.

Google Maps 4.6 is available now for devices running Android 1.6 and above. There were some initial problems with the Android Market at the time of this release but all is well and you should now have no problems downloading.

Download: Google Maps version 4.6

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  • Paulac23

    WRONG! The problem is not fixed, It runs continuously and never updates in my HTC Incredible 2.2.

  • Not sure what you mean by “runs continuously” but I’m assuming you are saying that the update is stuck downloading in the market and is not completing? If this is what you are talking about, try this to fix it:

    Go to Setting>Applications>Manage applications>Market

    From there click on “Clear cache” and then click on “Uninstall updates”

    After that is all done, go open up the market app, accept terms and it should be “unstuck”. I hope that helps, if that’s not the issue, let me know and maybe I can help.