Google Maps Updated to 5.2 – Social, Social, Social

Google Maps Updated to 5.2 – Social, Social, Social

Mar 3, 2011

Is it me or have the last couple of Google Maps updates been social centric? This next one is no different, with Google Maps 5.2 adding more social features to both Google Latitude and Google Places with HotPot.

In 5.2, Google expands on the check-in feature of Latitude by allowing users to ping friends to find out where they are. When you stalk see a nearby Latitude friend on the map just give them a ping and they will receive an Android notification from you asking them to check in at a place. If your victim friend checks in using your request, you will get a notification right back so you know which place to go to murder meet them.

All paranoid-sarcasm aside, it seems Google really wants a piece of that location-based social networking pie and this latest update furthers their push towards world domination (again with the paranoid-sarcasm).

Also added in 5.2 is the ability to tweet your HotPot ratings via your Android powered device. HotPot is a local recommendation engine powered by you and your friends. Rating and writing reviews of places just wasn’t enough sharing to appease the “we must know everything now” flock, so — now, thanks to update 5.2, you can also share your reviews and ratings via Twitter. I’m waiting for the day someone can simply tweet me a piece of their dinner because frankly, I don’t trust anyone’s taste buds but my own.

There you have it, Google Maps has updated its status with the following changes:

  • Post your reviews of places to Twitter.
  • Check in at places with Google Latitude to earn status and share with friends.
  • Ping Latitude friends to ask them to check in. Friends will get a check-in request notification from you.
  • Search for a place to check in from Latitude if it’s not in the suggested list of places.

Source: Google Mobile Blog

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