Google Mobile — Today’s Weather Calls For Cloud Printing

Google Mobile — Today’s Weather Calls For Cloud Printing

Jan 25, 2011

Clouds and weather go hand and hand and yesterday was no exception. Yesterday Google announced a couple new additions to the Google mobile experience. Users can now enjoy a few added weather tools when using from their mobile browser.

Just type “weather” into the search bar and you’ll soon be treated to the familiar current conditions along with a new interactive 12-hour slider. Watch as future predicted forecast information along with background color changes as you slide your finger across your new age crystal ball.

A quick and fun way to access weather information along with your usual weather related search results. This new weather search experience is available only in English at the moment but updates are on the way.

Next up is a service that is going to make my work life a lot easier and much more productive. Yesterday Google announced that its beta service Google Cloud Print will be available for mobile documents and Gmail for mobile. Google Cloud Print’s goal is to allow printing from any app on any device, OS or browser without the need to install any software. Mobile Docs and Gmail users should start seeing the added “Print” option in their drop down menu’s within the next day (some users are already reporting the change).

Google Cloud Print gives users the freedom to print documents along with certain kinds of email attachments (such as .pdf or .doc) while on-the-go. Simply click “Print” and your documents will be sent to any designated printer you have registered with Google Cloud Print. Fantastic!

Much like the weather feature, Google Cloud Print is currently only available to English speaking users in the US and should work on most phones running Android 2.1+.

Click HERE for more information on Google Cloud Print

Source: Google Mobile Blog

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