Google+ Now Supports Joining Hangouts on Mobile

Google+ has not only finally opened up to the public, but they’ve finally introduced one of the biggest features on desktop to the mobile app. It is now possible for mobile users on Android to join Hangouts, to video chat with up to 9 other users straight from their phone or tablet. This was introduced in their new update, introducing Hangouts for Android 2.3 and up. 2.3 is required for all apps to get access to the front camera on devices, as the Skype video calling on Android update taught us, so this may be why Google+ requires 2.3 for Hangout support. It does work on Honeycomb tablets, despite the app not being specially optimized for them. Similar to the desktop, the Android app allows users to check their appearance before joining a Hangout, but it otherwise works identically to desktop Hangouts. This is despite one particular exception: it is not possible to start Hangouts from mobile, only to join them. Still, this is a major Google+ feature that is now available, and on Android first.  The update is available from the Andtoid Market now. 

Carter Dotson
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