How Google’s Augmented Reality Game Ingress Needs to Progress

How Google’s Augmented Reality Game Ingress Needs to Progress

Feb 21, 2013

Ingress, Google/Niantic’s augmented reality conflict adventure continues to build its userbase and it continues to be exciting. I’ve met local players, developed new acquaintances and generally have had a blast playing it. I was out in freezing weather trying to blast Enlightenment resonators just the other day. I have tropical blood, so being out there in the cold is major development.

Still, here is my Ingress wishlist:

Enhanced use of Google Maps on the handheld: yes, you run the risk of oversimplifying the game, but could be helpful. I’d also love to see a more functional overlay on the phone… stuff like being able to zoom out to city-level would be useful on the go.

Better faction-building rewards: we now get rewarded for doing stuff like recharging resonators owned by others… but doing so may not be worth the XM expended to do so. In fact, it is almost better (selfishly) to allow all the infrastructure to deteriorate and claim it for yourself. Better rewards for recharging resonators may help kill the temptation to put self over faction. Also, if a player does the work to create a farm, an automatic reward for same-faction hacking of portals in that farm might be a cool idea.

In-game notifications: I dislike the email notifications. By the time I get them, my portal/resonator/link is pretty much history. Push notifications on the device might help.

More organic bartering of materials: I don’t necessarily dislike the current system, which entails “dropping” resource(s) so that it/they can be “acquired” by (hopefully) a faction-mate. I actually like the risk involved: if there is a time buffer, anyone in the area can pick them up… including the opposing faction. Maybe an easier transfer method with specific parameters (like a direct send/gifting option from higher level players to lower level players) could help encourage newer players.

Opening to other platforms: the joke is that Android players are beta testing for future iOS players… well, let’s get them in!!!!

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