A Ham-Fisted Yet Accurate Analogy: GameStick : Ouya :: PS4 : Xbox One

A Ham-Fisted Yet Accurate Analogy: GameStick : Ouya :: PS4 : Xbox One

Jun 13, 2013

At E3, an upcoming console has announced that it is undercutting the price of its chief competitor in the market by 20%.

I’m referring of course to GameStick’s recent announcement that it will launch at $79 versus the $99 price point of the Ouya. While the latter has generated a lot of headlines over the past year thanks to its Kickstarter and to its many antics, including recent shenanigans with the ESA at E3, PlayJam’s GameStick also exists as a viable product in the Android console space.

The GameStick will be launching in July, and there’s some interesting tidbits from the video Jon Jordan of Pocket Gamer (full disclosure: Pocket Gamer is owned by our parent company Steel Media) has recorded from the E3 show floor.

– The controller is a standard HID controller, not running through a sepcial API like the Ouya controller. This means that HID gamepads like the Nyko PlayPad, MOGA Pro, and Green Throttle even will work.
– Amazon and GameStop will carry the GameStick in the US, the latter being especially important as this means that it will be available at retail.

Check out the video below and keep an eye here for more on GameStick and the burgeoning Android console space.

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