Happy Leo’s Fortune and Wayward Souls Release Day, Everyone!

Happy Leo’s Fortune and Wayward Souls Release Day, Everyone!

Jul 10, 2014

Oh is it a great day to be an Android gamer. While these are both games that came out on iOS earlier, they’re both out today and are well worth checking out.

Leo’s Fortune is a fun platformer with Sonic-inspired elements that’s been much beloved so far, including winning an Apple Design Award. Now it’s on Android, and is well worth checking out for platformer fans. Get the game form Google Play here. Check out the rad trailer below:

Wayward Souls is Rocketcat Games’ latest masterpiece, an action-RPG with roguelike elements that’s challenging, and very lengthy. It’s on sale for $4.99, and will only get more expensive over time. This is another must-have. Check out a trailer below, and click here to get the game from Google Play.

We’ll have full reviews of both of these games very soon.

Carter Dotson
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