The Hills Are Greener: Maybe?

The Hills Are Greener: Maybe?

Apr 30, 2012

When talking about the competition for mobile operating systems, it seems as if the discussion has focused around iOS versus Android. Sure, Microsoft is tilling around with Windows Phone, and Blackberry’s still making phones, but the two contenders in the ring are definitely iOS and Android.

That may be the status quo at the moment, but does anyone believe that it will be this way forever? Of course not. Technology changes too much for it to stay this way forever. Short of the entirely unexpected happening, there are a few plausible scenarios out there that could reshape the mobile market as we know it.

Maybe Apple refuses to take up larger device sizes, and users begin to flock to Android in droves as they become more useful?

Maybe Google, through diplomacy or by force, shrinks the number of devices on the market, drastically shrinking the number of current issues that the OS has, making it more on par with iOS, and it starts to even overtake iOS in more than just user numbers? What if it’s regarded in the mainstream as a superior product?

Maybe Windows Phone 8 will give Microsoft a real contender. Perhaps by offering the kind of top-down OS integration that Apple has played with, they can fill a need with interoperable phones, tablets, and computers that will spearhead Microsoft’s mobile push.

Maybe the new Lumia 900 and its marketing campaign along with low 2-year contract price will get people using WP and anticipating the aforementioned WP8.

Maybe developers will get tired of trying to deal with the thousands of Android devices out there, and just abandon the platform, setting it back for a while.

Maybe that rumored Facebook phone, especially if it comes with access to their vast library of apps and games that run on their web platform, will become a key contender.

Maybe Amazon decides to stop forking Android and go with their own OS, and developers start to abandon Android for the possibly more-profitable platform. They could start selling Kindle phones, and suddenly Google might find Android far gone.

Maybe those Google Glasses replace the phone as we know it, as we all walk around in an augmented reality world, and actual phones become a thing of the past.

Maybe the Mayans were right.

It’s hard to picture a world in the near future where iOS and Android aren’t duking it out as the top 2 operating systems, but what were we saying three years ago, when BlackBerry was still strong and the iPhone was popular, and the iPad was still a rumor?

Maybe something unexpected will happen.

Carter Dotson
Carter Dotson, editor of Android Rundown, has been covering Android since late 2010, and the mobile industry as a whole since 2009. Originally from Texas, he has recently moved to Chicago. He loves both iOS and Android for what they are - we can all get along!
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