The Hills Are Greener: Why is Google Paying Such Attention to Their iOS Apps?

The Hills Are Greener: Why is Google Paying Such Attention to Their iOS Apps?

Dec 24, 2012

Google released an interesting new app recently called YouTube Capture. It’s designed to quickly shoot and upload video to YouTube – and to topple the tyranny of portrait-orientation videos by forcing landscape recording. It’s available now on Android as well as iOS, and…wait, it’s not on Android yet?

Well, this is awkward.

This actually isn’t the first time that Google has launched an app for iOS first, or skipped Android altogether – Google Catalogs actually made a stop on iPad before Android. Now, Google is a giant company, and they have their iOS team along with the Android teams, but it’s just strange as it seems like Google is spending an uncomfortable amount of time on iOS lately. Why, they pushed out a major update for Gmail that dramatically changed the look and feel of the app along with adding key new features that make it a lot better. They released a standalone version of Google Maps that brings new features on top of the standard feature set that came with the original app that was ditched in iOS 6.

So yeah, it seems like Google is paying a lot of attention to iOS, releasing apps for it as they please. But remember, Google, unlike Apple, serves many masters. Apple aims to sell and promote Apple products, which are primarily hardware. The software is there to sell the hardware Google wants to sell Google, and that is more of an idea – supplemented by advertising. Pretty much everything Google provides is designed to help push the advertising product. That means that if there’s an opportunity for them to make money by releasing iOS products, then they’re practically obligated to go for it.

As well, consider that this is pretty much the most attention paid to their iOS apps in a very long time. And they’re building the kind of quality, and in many cases a consistent look and feel, that wasn’t there before. Google is making sure that anyone who wants to use Google services is going to get the best possible value out of them, no matter where they use them. After all, when people use Google services, Google gets more advertising opportunities, and more data to farm. And if people use Google services, then maybe when that contract comes up, or the desire for a new tablet hits, then maybe they’ll consider going back to Android. Either way, Google wins. Simple as that. Doesn’t matter which platform they’re on, Google benefits.

But seriously, why isn’t YouTube Capture on Android yet?

Carter Dotson
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