The Hills Are Greener: A Note About Arrogance

The Hills Are Greener: A Note About Arrogance

Apr 2, 2012

So the Samsung Galaxy Note, the well-advertised 5.3-inch behemoth of a phone has been announced as selling over 5 million phones so far globally. Impressive numbers so far for the phone that Samsung spent a lot of money advertising during the Super Bowl.

This has made some people really angry. Angry to the point where a TechCrunch author thinks people just can’t be trusted to buy large phones. A Gizmodo author says these people are “confused.” Why so elitist?

The thing is, there actually is a legitimate concern to be made about device sizes, which I can understand. The Galaxy Note is not for everyone, and the carriers and phone manufacturers don’t always do what’s best. Still, considering that the smaller screen Android phone has yet to disappear, I find myself skeptical that the Galaxy Note is the end of all small phones. I don’t even think I’m all that sold that Apple is going to make the next iPhone all that much bigger, if at all.

Yet, what about those people that it is for? The large handed individuals of the world. Those that really don’t care all that much about typing with just one hand. Those who get value out of having a large screen being so portable. Fat people need phones too! I just fail to understand what is so offensive about this phone’s existence that some pundit sitting behind their keyboard thinks that people wanting a large phone is so offensive, that this is proof that people can’t be trusted?

What if they lack perspective? Maybe the design concern of “this phone can’t be used one handed” was overblown? Maybe people buy large phones because they want large phones, and maybe the faults that those that cover the indsutry (if I may be so bold to include myself in that group) that are so important to us are small matters to the average person.

I do agree that the variety of screen sizes should not disappear. There are some people for whom the 5.3-inch size just does not work. It just strikes me as a curious, and possibly biased, reaction to say “this phone sold 5 million units! People can’t be trusted!”

The reaction is motivated by a fear that a singularity of one Android screen size will happen. The irony is that it would solve one of the other big Android problems: that there are too many screen sizes, and too many devices. Now pundits are afraid that one size just might take over. Let that one sink in.

Carter Dotson
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