Hooked Brings Game Recommendations to Android Users

Hooked Brings Game Recommendations to Android Users

Nov 11, 2011

In the world of Android, game discovery is a pain. Even for those in the media, with their ears to the ground for the latest titles coming out, finding the latest quality titles is extremely difficult. There’s so many titles, and many of the media sites cover primarily hardware. There’s less of a media community surrounding Android game coverage than there is in the iOS community. Hooked is here to help users find games to play.

The app automatically scours the user’s phone to find the games they have installed on there. By simply giving a thumbs up or down to a game, this helps to curate a list of recommendations from other titles. This is partially based on other users’ recommendations, which are also viewable from within the app. This kind of service would be difficult to implement on iOS, due to the way that Hooked collects the data of what games a user has installed, so this will likely be Android-exclusive, or at least would be very different on another platform, similar to Heyzap’s iOS implementation.

This serves in many ways as a Pandora equivalent for games, especially with the simple thumbs up and down mechanic for rating games. It’s a bit simplistic, and lacks the kind of nuance that some users like myself would prefer, but it means it’s time to make some tough decisions, Carter. There isn’t an option yet to change votes, so choose wisely.

This is a service with potential; as mentioned, Android app discovery is a problem, and any attempt to help solve it, to help unearth those hidden gems is a plus. That this happen via a user recommendation service only seems appropriate. The success of apps is often based primarily on what users like, and finding some way to harness that information is the key to success. Hooked is now available from the Android Market.

Carter Dotson
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